Our Story

"Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could."

-Yotam Ottolenghi


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  • Continued support for community food actions by making valuable connections
  • Energizing deeper connections to support institutionalization of school food programs
  • Continued engagement of SENB citizens and municipalities around the Food Pledge
  • Shifting the conversation around food and promoting systemic change to address the root causes of food insecurity


  • Our Food SENB’s partnership with the EAC is solidified until 2020
  • The focus of our work shifts to increase collaboration with local partners and stakeholders and scale up grass roots initiatives to create long term change
  • The Nutritious Food in Schools Committee grows, contributing to a video project, an school food event, “Fresh Food Fundraising”, and support for breakfast program partnerships
  • The Southeast NB Regional Food Pledge launches in May of 2017 and gains support from 200 endorsers and 6 municipalities in SENB


  • Our Food SENB continues building on existing networks and community food actions to create and sustain positive food environments
  • The Nutritious Food in our Schools committee helps develop and track 11 new school food actions
  • Food Banks & Community Meals working group changes its name to “District Five Food Force” and becomes an independent group
  • Food Charter Project releases a final draft of the SENB Food Pledge


  • The United Way of Greater Moncton and SENB becomes a host for WAFSAG and it’s projects, and a new partnership forms with the Ecology Action Center (EAC) in Nova Scotia to expand their Our Food Project work in New Brunswick
  • WAFSAG rebrands and takes on the name Our Food Southeast NB
  • Our Food SENB, Foods of the Fundy Valley, and the Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group (GDDPC) co-lead the project between 2015-2017
  • A Seeds for Life committee forms, and school food programs expand (particularly in Albert County)
  • A collective approach to food initiatives raises the profile of the food movement in Westmorland, Albert and Kent counties, and creates opportunities to build partnerships with government, the NB Food Security Action Network and SENB municipalities


  • WAFSAG hosts the first annual Creating a Place for Food event, and brings network members and stakeholders together to connect with each other and engage in participatory discussions
  • Participants’ key discussion themes shape WAFSAG’s next steps and a project roadmap
  • With support and facilitation from the WAFSAG coordinator, The Nutritious Food in Schools Committee, District 5 Food Bank and Community Meals Working Group, and the Regional Food Charter Project working groups are formed


  • Now hosted by Moncton Headstart, Creating a Place for Food enters a new project year
  • Vision and core principles are developed and promoted through ongoing project support of community food actions
  • Key partnerships are formed and a network takes shape


  • With the YWCA taking on the role of host organization, WAFSAG secures funding for a project coined Creating a Place for Food
  • Community Coordinator is hired to help build a collective and long term strategy to transition Westmorland and Albert counties charitable food model to the Community Food Centre model


  • Westmorland Albert Food Security Action Group (WAFSAG) forms as a volunteer committee of community stakeholders
  • Committee members share the vision of a food system that ensures everyone just and dignified access to healthy and sustainable foods

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